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Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, originally named Tortugas after all of the sea turtles (tortugas) seen in its waters by early sailors, is a small island - just 76 square miles. It’s best known for diving and snorkeling, and has more banks per square mile than any other country-- something to do with anonymity of offshore banking.

From Mudslides to Rum Punch we drink all around the island


In this episode I go Four Sheets in Grand Cayman. We stop at Rum Shack where the illustrious Mudslide was invented. We swim up to Calico Jack’s, a beach bar known for good drinks, a cheerful bar staff and a million dollar view. We throw down bones in Pirates Cove, a locals bar on the East End of the island with a very non-specific address and we embark on several more beautiful and drink filled adventures around the rest of the island.

A Beautiful Island - Great Drinks + Amazing People

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A Little More About Each Stop

Dak Shack @ The Wreck Bar

Zane traveled to the Dak Shack at Rum Point on a 1987 Water Trike, but don’t worry, if you want to save your energy, you can get there by road as well. Folklore has it that area of Rum Point is where rum used to wash up for capsized ships.

These days this beach is known for Mudslides, the illustrious drink which was invented at Rum Point. Legend holds that a tourist asked for a White Russian, but since the bartender had no heavy cream, he replaced it with Irish Cream and it tasted great. You can also get a delicious Rum Slider, which substitutes the vodka for rum!

Dak Shack Website

Calico Jack’s

Calico Jack’s is a beach bar known for good drinks, a cheerful bar staff and a million dollar view. Swim up during the day. Have a rum punch in the glow of one of the best sunsets on the planet. And when the sun goes down, the crowd arrives, the music starts playing, and things get loose. Once a month, they have Full Moon Party, where everyone turns into werewolves. #fact

They can make just about anything at the bar, but the most popular drink is their delicious Rum Punch, which happens to be the island’s (and the Caribbean’s) most popular drink.

Calico Jack's On Facebook

Cayman Turtle Centre

The Cayman Turtle Centre is dedicated to wildlife conservation - specifically, turtles. Several species of turtles live at the center and are raised from soft, leathery eggs. You can watch babies come out of their shell at the hatchery (if you have the patience), swim with the adolescents in the cove, or sip on a beer as you marvel at the 350-pound adults in the lagoon.

Yes, there’s a full bar and kitchen on site. You gotta love Grand Cayman!

Cayman Turtle Centre Website

Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove is a locals bar on the East End of the island with a very non-specific address. The patrons are mostly regulars, and are mostly (if not exclusively) men who engage themselves in ball-busting, playing pool and dominoes.

This is not be a typical stop for tourists, and they don’t really cater to outsiders. But, we were welcomed with typical island warmth and treated like old friends.

Stingray City

One of the most popular activities on the island is swimming with the stingrays. It’s truly a wonderful experience. But, being a thing of wonder means that everyone wants to do it. By 10am there are a dozen boats anchored on the 3-foot deep sandbar. The crowds won’t stop you from engaging with the stingrays, but if you want it to be a truly magic experience, find a way to get there just after the some comes up. You’ll have the place, and the fever (what a group of rays is called), all to yourself!

Stingray City Website

Craft F&B

Craft F&B is a fantastic craft beer bar offering local craft beers from the Caribbean and the US. They have great drinks, food, and the bar staff (especially J-Lo) were a bright light on a atypically rainy day. Either that, or it was the beer… Either way, we love Craft F&B.

We drink a bit more off-camera here than we did on it. There were six Caybrew beers on tap, and we tried them all. There may even have actually been an incident where Chad the Sound Guy was laying down on the bar drinking beer from a funnel-- but we’ll plead the fifth on that.

Caybrew Website

Cayman Cabana

Cayman Cabana is located in “downtown” George town. We put downtown in quotes, because many of the buildings are empty of people and just serve as physical local addresses for offshore bank accounts. The downtown area is typical of a town receiving thousands of tourists from cruise ships on a daily basis. That being said, the water off of Cayman Cabana is nearly as pristine as it is around the rest of the island.

We visited Cayman Cabana for the annual Floatopia party, sponsored by Caybrew. But it’s always a great place to grab a drink and take in the beautiful view, especially if you came via cruise ship and want to stare at your boat!

Cayman Cabana Website

Tukka Restaurant

Tukka is one of the best restaurants on the island for fresh, local dishes. We ate an incredible meal here, but we didn’t have time to fit it into the show. But take our word for it, it was fantastic!

Along with being a beast in the kitchen, Chef Ron also has the largest rum collection in the Americas. He offers curated rum flights to customers, where you can drink your way across various rum regions. We added Monkey Rum to his collection, so with any luck, you can steal yourself a sip!

Tukka Website

Di Kit-Chin Jerk

Zane could not stop carrying on about jerk chicken. So, we let the jerk bring us jerks for some jerk. This was not a scheduled stop, but without knowing that we were a camera crew for a travel show, they were so warm and welcoming, we wanted to feature them in the show.

Di Kit-Chin is a typical, local fast food walk-up window serving up local dishes, predominantly jerk chicken. The meat is marinated for a week and slowly smoked for a flavor that out of this world.

Tukka Website

Now Where Did They Go?
Drink Recipes

Drink What We Drank

The Rum Point Mudslide

1 oz. Absolut Vodka
1 oz. Kahlua and
2 oz. Bailey's or Molly’s Irish cream

Pour into a shaker, shake it up and pour over a glass filled with ice or mix in a blender.

Garnished with cinnamon, a cherry and a shot of Kahlua down the straw!

Caybrew Beers (Cayman Islands Brewery)

White Tip Lager - European Pilsner
Caybrew Mango Tango - Seasonal Fruit Beer
Ironshore Bock - Bock
345 Stout on Nitro Stout - Stout

The Rums

While it's not always easy to locate or acquire spirits from around the globe here's some link that may point you in the right direction...

Monkey Rum
Edward Teach Rum
Seven Fathoms Rum

Calico Jack's Rum Punch

1 oz. Monkey Rum (special to the episode)
1 oz. Blackberry Liquor
1 oz. Banana Liquor

Pour over ice, add Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice and splash of grenadine.

And What Did They Drink?

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