The small Greek island of Santorini sits in the middle of Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. It’s known for its white cities atop red volcanic cliffs and black sand beaches. As you see in the show, there’s more to this island than the typical photos you see on social media. Created by volcanic eruptions, Santorini is the largest island forming the caldera of an ancient volcano. Though it gets two million visitors each year, it is only home to about 20,000 residents.

Stomping Grapes, Nitrogen Chilled Drinks and cracked over the head while taking shots


In this episode I go Four Sheets in Santorini, Greece. I dress to blend in, with the buildings, and head to Gavalas Winery to get some grape stomping on. From there it's off to Dimitri's Taverna for local fish and Ouzo enjoyed inches from the sea. We head up to MoMix for some out of this world Molecular Mixology and continue our adventure around the red lava rock formed island for more "only in Santorini" experiences.

A Beautiful Island - Great Drinks + Amazing People

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A Little More About Each Stop

Gavalas Winery

Gavalas Winery, which has been family owned and operated for five generations, specializes in a dry wine called Assyrtiko (ah-seer-ti-coh). This native wine to Santorini is a dry, minerally white wine that has recently been gaining in popularity. And, because of the limited amount of grapes that the island can produce (almost every possible piece of land has vines growing from it), this wine fetches a high price. We happened to be here on August 16th, which marked the end of the grape harvest, which they celebrate with a grape stomping party.

Gavalas Winery Website


We love MoMix. Zane and Diodoro, the owner, stay in touch. So if you stop by for a drink, make sure you tell them you saw them on Four Sheets!

MoMix stands for Molecular Mixology, which is the science of taking liquid cocktail and turning them into edible cocktails. The venue is a small (smallest we’ve seen) night club that brings in hot DJ’s that spin all night while people eat and drink their cocktails. It was originally built as a place for the donkeys to sleep.

Diodoro had us experience the best, and most visual cocktails that they had to offer, bringing us everything from gelatinous booze balls to nitrogenated ice cream cocktails to solid champagne bubbles to smoking test tubes and more. And coming from most places that you’re reading this from, your money goes further in Santorini than many vacation spots, so you’re be able to get your fill of mixology here!

MoMix Website

Two Brothers

Oh brother… This bar, founded in 1982, is one of the oldest bars in Santorini. Before 1983 there were almost no tourists in Santorini and most of the watering holes were small cafés and people’s houses. But, as the demand for a proper bar came about Two Brothers was established.

This bar is typical, in that it starts slow and then turns into a full-fledged party almost every night during the tourist season (May to September), but they have one “tradition” that is quite unique. Order their head-shot, and you get a shot of (who remembers what?!) with a sidecar of a helmet, and a chaser of a bat-to-the-head. When it was pitched to Zane as a location, he said: “I don’t want to go there, but we absolutely have to go there!”

Two Brothers Website


Dimitri's Taverna

Dimitri’s Taverna is located on Amoudi Day, 200 steps down from the city of Oia. What used to be shacks for the fisherman are now small restaurants serving up fresh seafood. The million dollar view looks over a quaint harbor with crystal blue water that you could stare at until the sun goes down, which is what many people do, as it faces west.

Dimitri’s Taverna serves up amazing locally-sourced seafood and local drinks. Here we tried Uzo, a clear spirit made from grapes and flavored with anise, as well Retsina, a wine infused with pine resin.

Dimitri's Taverna Website

Cafe Villa Renos

Cafe Villa Renos sits on top of a beautiful boutique hotel, which sits on the side of the hill, which sits atop a cliff overlooking the caldera, which is in the middle of the large bay. Every clear night (which is just about every night from May to September) thousands of people stop what they’re doing and bask in the glory of the setting sun. Most people find a spot by a railing overlooking the bay.

If you want an unobstructed view of the sunset, with a chair of your own, and a cocktail waitress and talented bartender, find yourself at Cafe Villa Renos at least one night during your stay. The bartender here is not just a drink peddler, he is an experienced mixologist who spends his downtime learning how to make his amazing drinks even better.

Cafe Villa Renos Website

Chilli’s Beach Bar

If you’ve see photos of Santorini, the almost definitely of white buildings overlooking the ocean. But there are many other sides to Santorini that you’re likely not familiar with, like the row of bars and restaurants along their black sand beaches of Perissa. This beach is protected from the northern winds and usually has calm waters and a light breeze.

Chilli’s Beach Bar is a beautifully updated lounge/restaurant where you can eat and get drunk, or eat and get rid of your hangover. Here we also tried our first, and most dubious hangover cure: an onion cut in half that you are supposed to put it in your pants. Did it work? In a word… No.

Chilli’s Beach Bar Website

Vlichada Marina to Palea Kameni

If you are spending a few days in Santorini (as opposed to a one day stop on a cruise), you’ll want to take a sailing trip out to the caldera, which is the center of the ancient volcano that is the island of Santorini.

We hopped on a privately chartered sailboat from Vlichada Marina to the center of the caldera at Palea Kameni, where an active volcano creates hot springs. The high levels of sulfur there are claimed to have healing powers. Whether is was the volcanic waters, the time that passed from the onion incident, the beers we had on the way out there, the hangover was gone by the end of the swim.

Now Where Did They Go?
Drink Recipes

Drink What We Drank

Santorini Assyrtiko - Dry White Wine

If ever a wine justified the description ‘mineral’, it’s the dry white made on this volcanic island. It’s hard to describe the intense, sometimes pungent, smoky, volcanic smell and taste in any other way.

FYI - Santorini is said to be home of the world's first winery.

MoMix Sphere's

Well, these are created with a secret so there's no remaking these back at home :(

Ouzo Sunrise

2 oz. Ouzo

Pour Ouzo over ice, fill with orange juice add a splash of grenadine.


Traditionally Ouzo is served
with water or over ice. An anise
flavored liquor that seems to be a staple of Grecian drinks. 

Sleeping Beauty

1.5 oz. Metaxa (learn more)
3 oz. Vinsanto (learn more)

Pour into mixer, shake with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with Greek olives.

Ouzo Mojito a.k.a. Quzito

1 tablespoon granulated sugar, or simple syrup
7 mint leaves, plus more for garnish
1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. ouzo
1 cup ice
2 oz. club soda

In a shaker, add the sugar, lime juice and mint. Gently muddle together. Add the ouzo and ice and shake well. Pour (unstrained) into a high glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint and lime slices.

And What Did They Drink?

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