Four Sheets Is A TV Show, Not A Drinking Game

But If It Were
A Drinking Game

Level One

Spider Monkey

#1 PLEEPLEUS (PLEE-plee-us)

Pleepleus is the plush monkey that Zane brings along with him, so he’ll never have to drink alone. When you see Pleepleus, yell his name. If you’re the first one to do it, you get to make someone take a sip of their drink. Note: you can only declare “Pleepleus” once per location (example: a bar counts as one location). The rule resets when we switch to a new spot.

Since Zane’s first drinking show, Pleepleus has been along for the ride. Even though he stands only nine inches tall and weighs in at just under a pound, Pleepleus can hang with the best of them! Zane has hidden this plush monkey in every episode of all of his drinking shows as the original rule to the drinking game.


While in Belgium shooting one of his first drinking show episodes ever, Zane was in the middle of trying a bunch of different beers when the bartender honored him with the good burp sign, and the tradition was born.

Anytime Zane burps, do the good burp sign (thumb on forehead, fingers closed, and pinky in the air - see top picture). If you’re the last one to it in your viewing group, finish your drink!


Steve McKenna has been Zane’s friend since college, back in the last millennia. Zane started talking about him in the shows, and the fans wrote in asking to have him appear in the show. Thus the legend of Steve McKenna was born. He’s a madman who does not disappoint. His actions have spawned songs, T-shirts, and several children…

When you see Steve McKenna in the show, or there’s a Steve McKenna reference, yell “Steve McKenna!” Everyone else takes a sip!


Mel is Zane’s wife and one of the Producers of Four Sheets (a role she filled for two of Zane’s past series – a total of about 70 episodes). While Mel prefers not to be on camera, that only encourages our crew to turn the cameras on her.

When you see Mel, say “Melbert” (not her real name, but it might as well be when she’s around Zane and the crew). If you’re the first to say it, you get to make someone take a sip!


Zane is wild about nature. He and Mel foster orphaned cats, they always stop to help an injured animal, and their house is a veritable zoo. So, while shooting, Zane is (very) often distracted by animals. We just roll with it.

If you see Zane or his wife touching or holding an animal, it’s “A Natural,” which is an all-play.
Say “Natural!” and everyone takes a sip.

Level One Drinking Game Rules
Level Two

Damn Dirty Ape


NOTE: This is a “pro” rule that we do not (officially) recommend. In fact, our crew of hardened drinkers tried to play along with this rule and gave up halfway through one episode.

Every time Zane takes a sip, you take a sip.

Level Two Drinking Game Rules

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