Four Sheets Episode 1: Peru

Cusco was once the largest city in all of the Americas. Soak that in. While Columbus was “discovering” the New World, Cusco was flourishing with a population of 150,000 – more people than the city of Syracuse, NY (my hometown), Savannah, GA, or Dundee, UK (Scotland). While it was the continental center of power in the 1400s, today it’s the eighth-largest city in Peru and serves as the gateway to […] Read More

Four Sheets Stops in Peru

Zane at Machu Picchu

When I started researching destination for locations we should go to in the inaugural season of Four Sheets, Machu Picchu was one of the first locations on the list. But in order to justify going there, we needed to ensure it would make an amazing episode, and not just enable us to cross an item off of our bucket list. Thankfully, the drinking culture in Cusco is one of the […] Read More

Drink Recipes: Cusco, Peru

Zane, drinking.

When we went to Cusco, we had a few drinks. It’s kind of the point. And since you weren’t there with us, we brought the best of Cusco back to you: the booze. Here’s a few of the libations we enjoyed in Peru – and how to recreate them wherever you are. COCA TEA Buy some coca leaves, the fresher the better. Fill your vessel with coca leaves (a generous […] Read More

The Four Sheets Drinking Game

Cheers with Zane

This is a drinking game you can play while watching Four Sheets. It has six rules. Here they are. #1 PLEEPLEUS (PLEE-plee-us) When you see Pleepleus the monkey, yell his name. If you’re the first one to do it, you get to make someone take a sip of their drink. (Need some drink recipe ideas? We got you.) Note: you can only cry “Pleepleus” once per location. The rule resets […] Read More